Toyota Pledges $50M To Research AI For Autonomous Vehicles, Hires DARPA’s Dr. Gill Pratt


Today, Toyota announced that it had hired Gill Pratt to drive its autonomous car research. Pratt is best known in this field for his work at DARPA and MIT, including starting the Robotics Challenge. The company is also investing $50M in the research over the next five years as well as partnering with MIT and Stanford.
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PSA: Evolve Is Free to Play Right Now on Xbox One, PC

The free weekend event for Evolve has begun, and you can download and play the co-op action game as much as you want for the next few days on Xbox One and PC.

This is the full version of the game you have access to, allowing you to sample everything it offers: five modes, 19 maps, four classes (with 18 individual hunters), and four monsters. That includes all of the content introduced in the big August update that added a new hunter and Arena mode map, among other changes.

If you’re on Xbox One, you’ll have until 11:59 PM PDT on September 7 to play. Those on PC can grab the free game on Steam and play until 10 AM on September 7. Steam also has the game on sale for just $20, while the Xbox One version can be had for $20 at Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop right now.

Those who already own Evolve have something to look forward to this weekend aside from an influx of new players: All DLC characters are being made free on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 (which isn’t getting the free weekend). You can see the schedule for which characters will be available when here.

Evolve has shipped more than 2.5 million units, and publisher Take-Two views it as one of its “permanent” franchises going forward. It earned an 8 in GameSpot’s review, although the game’s playerbase diminished somewhat quickly following its launch in February 2015.

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With the iPhone 6s days away, it’s time to look back at all of Apple’s ‘S’ phones

iPhone 6s History

Next week’s big iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus unveiling is easily the most hotly anticipated tech event of the year among Apple fans. Tens of millions of people around the world are waiting with bated breath to see what Apple has in store for its next-generation iPhone lineup.

Of course, we already know just about everything there is to know thanks to a series of reports from multiple reliable Apple insiders, so there likely isn’t much mystery left for enthusiastic tech fans who follow the latest news. On the plus side, Apple’s next iPhones will feature better cameras, faster processors and twice as much RAM as last year’s models. There’s also some bad news, though: The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be thicker than their predecessors, and they won’t pack bigger batteries.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s stop for a moment to take a look back at Apple’s previous “S” updates.

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OnePlus Could Be Buying HTC’s Shanghai Factory


HTC has been in deep trouble for quite a while now with the company laying off a large portion of its work force as well as shutting down its factory in Shanghai. And it looks like OnePlus is hoping to snatch up HTC’s now defunct Shangai factory according to posts by OnePlus CEO Liu Zuohu on his Weibo account.

Liu Zuohu made a post during yesterday’s Victory Day holiday in China saying that he was on a business trip to Taipei. The post contained photos that show him standing in front of HTC’s headquarters in Taiwan as well as wide-angle picture of the building.

We’re not sure why OnePlus would want to purchase HTC’s Shanghai factory but they could just be trying to bolster their production capabilities to coincide with the wider launch of their latest OnePlus 2 flagship.

OnePlus isn’t the first company to attempt to purchase HTC’s Shanghai factory with companies like Xiaomi and Qihoo 360 bringing up offers that ultimately ended up being rejected. HTC could be waiting for a decent enough offer that could help them get the company back on track.

Whether OnePlus is successful at purchasing the factory or gets rejected like the companies who have tried before it is yet to be seen but we do know that if HTC doesn’t find a way to gain some momentum even selling off their factory might not be enough to save them.

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Emma Thompson Ready to Die Over Spidey Reboot

It seems Emma Thompson is not a big fan of all the Spider-Man reboots.

In an interview with Vulture, the Harry Potter actress said, “If I see another Spider-Man, I’m going to have to actually hang myself. I can’t do it anymore!”

“They’re all marvelous,” she continued, “but how many times can you make this franchise, for crying out loud? … After a while, you do get a bit cynical about

. The fact that I know they’re going to win out in the end has now slightly interfered with my continuing to go to those movies.”

However there is one movie left in the genre that Emma Thompson is interested in. “I’m up for Wonder Woman, totally.”

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Drive!Drive!Drive! Coming to PS4, PS Vita Next Year

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BvS Batmobile Now Part of Warners Studio Tour

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batmobile is now part of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Hollywood.

It won’t be there for long though. According to the studio tour’s website, the Batmobile will be around in the Picture Car Vault from September 4 until December 31.

The video above shows the car being driven into the vault, and parked next to some of the Batmobiles of old.

Along with the Batmobile there will also be a number of costumes — including those of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman — added to the Batman exhibit, which shows off costumes and props from all eight movies. These will be on display from September 4 until September 23.

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Game-changing Apple TV, cheaper gold Watch and an iPad keyboard all coming at iPhone 6s event

iPhone 6s Apple TV Watch iPad

With all the leaks we’ve seen about next week’s big Apple event, it seems like the iPhone maker will not have that many surprises for the audience attending the major iPhone 6s extravaganza. After a series of leaks said Apple will finally upgrade the Apple TV set-top box this year, a new report seems to confirm that information while spilling more details about Apple’s upcoming releases.

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