ArenaNet explains Guild Wars 2 going free, and the addition of raids

There’s big news in the Guild Wars 2 camp today as ArenaNet announces the original game will be available for free, right now and for evermore.

Do not interpret that as “free-to-play”. Guild Wars 2 never had a subscription fee, only a charge for the game itself – and it’s that charge that’s being removed.

There are some small restrictions placed on free accounts to prevent abuse from the gold-farming black market. Buying the upcoming Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion removes all restrictions.

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Tidal just tried to troll Apple in the worst way possible

Apple Tidal

Rapper Lil Wayne this weekend took the wraps off of Lil WeezyAna Fest, a star-studded music festival in New Orleans designed to raise money for kids affected by Hurricane Katrina. It’s a noble cause, to be sure, and it attracted a who’s who of performers from the rap game, including Drake, Master P, and even a Hot Boys reunion.

So far so good, right?

Well as it turns out, Tidal, the music streaming service backed by Jay-Z, was live streaming the event for fans who couldn’t be there in person. Only thing is, by the time Drake took the stage to perform, the live stream went dead with an ominous message indicating that Apple, aka “Big Brother”, was preventing Tidal from showcasing Drake’s performance to fans across the globe. Drake, of course, has a lucrative endorsement deal with Tidal competitor Apple Music, even appearing on stage during the service’s introduction at WWDC this past June.

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How to Watch PAX Prime 2015

The Penny Arcade Expo kicks off this weekend, and IGN is partnering with YouTube to bring you live coverage of awesome, upcoming games on Sunday, August 30.

In addition to all of our usual previews, interviews, and panel coverage, you can get more IGN from PAX via our awesome live show, where we’ll have developers with new demos of upcoming games — and a few surprises for good measure. Don’t forget you can hang out with IGN at PAX as well as tell @IGNAccess what to cover using the hashtag #ControlPAX on Twitter.

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Guild Wars 2 Base Game Now Free, Dev Promises No Aggressive Microtransactions

Big changes are coming to the

Although the Guild Wars 2 base game is free, the upcoming expansion, Heart of Thorns–due October 23–will be paid. The main decision behind making Guild Wars 2 free is to encourage people to jump into the game with the hope that they will eventually upgrade to Heart of Thorns.

“If people are expecting we’re going to go in and heavily monetize free players now, that’s not what this is about,” ArenaNet president Mike O’Brien told GameSpot. “This is about making the base game available for everyone to try because we believe that when people love Guild Wars 2 they’re going to buy Heart of Thorns. We’re not changing the way people purchase cosmetic items or adding a bunch of new items in the store. Guild Wars 2 will remain the same game it always has been.”

ArenaNet also today announced that raids are finally coming to Guild Wars 2. These will be 10-player instanced challenges where players must work together to defeat powerful, endgame bosses. The game’s first raid will be released across three parts–wings, as they’re called–“shortly” after Heart of Thorns arrives in October.

“Once we activate the first raid in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, players will quickly discover that our raids are not waiting to have fun nor about endless gear grind–there are no attunements to complete before you raid, and they won’t become irrelevant or even drastically easier because of a new tier of gear or a level cap raise,” Guild Wars 2 game director Colin Johanson said.

“If people are expecting we’re going to go in and heavily monetize free players now, that’s not what this is about” – O’Brien

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The SaaS Success Database


What does it take to build a billion-dollar SaaS enterprise-software company? We gave a 30,000-foot answer to this complex — and fascinating — question in a recent TechCrunch post, The SaaS Adventure. To recap: We’ve observed seven key phases in most SaaS companies’ go-to-market success. We dubbed this journey the “SaaS Adventure,” which is broadly how we… Read More —> Read More

Guild Wars 2 Getting Raids, Play Core Game for Free

ArenaNet has dropped two massive two pieces of Guild Wars 2 news – first, effective immediately, the core game is available free of charge to anyone who wants to play it, and secondly raids are set to make their debut in the MMO when its first expansion Heart of Thorns launches on October 23 of this year.

We got the chance to speak to studio president Mike O’Brien and creative director Colin Johanson about the decisions and why they were made, and the first thing both are keen to emphasise is that the decision to make the game a free download doesn’t mean the business model is shifting – there’s a clear distinction between being free-to-play, and letting your players play for free.

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Star Wars: Uprising Is a Never-Ending Force Awakens Prequel

Star Wars: Uprising really leans into George Lucas’ sci-fi World War II philosophies. Developer Kabam’s dungeon-crawling role-playing game is almost ready to launch, but when the team talks about it, the conversation isn’t about a mobile co-op game — it’s about Star Wars politics, the chaos of a galaxy ravaged by an endless war, and the people affected by it.

“The Uprising has four very distinct factions that never would be together if it weren’t for the Empire,” Kabam’s Daniel Erickson told IGN. In fact, they really aren’t terribly together now. I think of the allies in World War II. Russia and America are allies, and are rushing for Germany — but we have very different ideas about what happens five seconds after the war ends.”

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Hilarious: What a Google self-driving car with Chrome rims would look like

Google Self Driving Car

Google over the past few years has been hard at work developing all sorts of cool and futuristic self-driving car technologies. With an extensive array of sensors, Google’s autonomous cars are designed to safely navigate through city streets with ease. From changing lanes to avoiding pedestrians at a moment’s notice, Google’s self-driving cars are intriguing and certainly give us a glimpse into what the future of driving may look like. To date, Google’s collection of futuristic cars, which include modified Lexus SUVs, have accumulated more than 1.7 million miles on the road.

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Here are Netflix’s most popular original shows

Popular Netflix Shows

Aside from an extensive and ever-changing and expanding catalogue of TV shows and movies, one of the things that makes Netflix such a compelling service is that it offers up a broad selection of original and highly addicting content. From political dramas like House of Cards to delightfully absurd comedies like Wet Hot American Summer, Netflix’s expanding pool of original content has a little bit of something for everyone.

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(WGB) Zombi Review ZombiU Risen From The Dead

Baden of WGB: “Released back in 2012 ZombiU for the WiiU was an attempt to show that Nintendos console wasnt just all about brightly colored plumbers and party games. For Ubisoft, though, the game didnt seem to do well enough with a little under a million copies sold, and thus plans for a sequel were canned. It seems Ubisoft arent quite willing to completely ditch the potential for a series, however. Dropping the U from the name Zombi has arrived on PC, Xbox One and PS4, hoping to make itself known among the many, many horror-based games that are around at the moment, especially on Steam where every second title seems to be a first-person horror/survival title.” —> Read More

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