Google’s New Logo Is Far More Than Just A Digital Doodle


The more you see something, the more normal it becomes.Today, Google unveiled a new logo and branding. So far the public reaction is a mixed bag.
I’m sure that most of the people who spend time in Mountain View working for Google barely noticed its logo anymore. It was on t-shirts, buildings, computers, stickers and everything in between.
Of course, people don’t like change. Read More —> Read More

Microsoft Provides Free Copy of PCmover Express to Aid File Transfers

Moving from an older PC to a newer one can be a hassle, but Microsoft has taken steps to make the file transferring process easier for those moving to Windows 10.

The company is teaming up with Laplink Software, Inc. to offer a free download of Laplink’s file transfer software, PCmover Express, to PC owners that are upgrading to a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 machine that also want to bring their old files with them. The two companies have worked together in the past for a similar cause, but now support has been added for Microsoft’s increasingly popular operating system.

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Federal agent pleads guilty to stealing Silk Road bitcoins

In March, two federal agents involved with the operation against former online underground market Silk Road were charged with nefarious activities allegedly committed during the investigation. A criminal complaint released at the time by the Department of Justice alleged that former Secret Service agent Shaun Bridges and former DEA agent Carl Force IV had committed various offenses, including money laundering. … —> Read More

First-run Tesla Model X orders begin: colors, sizes, ludicrous speed


Electric car company Tesla has begun issuing first-order specification lists to those that’ve previously expressed interest in the Tesla Model X. Amongst the choices they’re asked to make are paint color, wheel size, and whether or not they’d like the option to go ludicrously fast in their vehicle. Signature reservation holders began reporting last night that their configuration dashboards were … —> Read More

Shaken Markets Bring Down Public Tech Shares As Some Recent IPOs Set New Record Lows

stock market

If you work for a tech company, you are probably poorer today than you were yesterday. In the midst of a broader selloff, technology as an industry managed a roughly flat performance, as measured by Google Finance’s tech category. However, among the firms that we discuss and cover the most here at TechCrunch, things were a bit more rough. We recently published a short piece of… Read More —> Read More

Pass the CompTIA A+ certification exam and start your IT career


Tests aren’t any more fun now than they were in school. But they are a lot easier when you have the right study guide. If you’re gearing up for a career in IT and need to pass the CompTIA A+ certification exam, don’t miss this deal. We’ve put together a CompTIA A+ test prep bundle for $49 at the BGR Store. Don’t miss your chance to get it now—it usually goes for $1,077, so this deal saves you an incredible 95%.

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Evolve Goes Free to Play on Xbox One & PC This Weekend

Evolve - Hank VS Goliath

When Evolve was released by 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios earlier this year, there was a lot of hype and interest surrounding its gameplay. Unlike most competitive multiplayer games, which put an equal amount of players on each side, Evolve goes against the status quo, pitting a team of four human players against one player who controls a hulking, supernatural beast.

The player controlling the monster doesn’t necessarily have a huge advantage either, as the monster will have to eat in order to ‘evolve’ to gain new abilities and become even more lethal. While the four human characters will have to work together and think tactically about how they can bring the monster down.

That gameplay was certainly a different take on what most gamers had seen before but unfortunately, this was somewhat overshadowed due to the confusing nature of Evolve‘s downloadable content. Prior to release, Turtle Rock revealed several different editions of the game, each with different benefits to the buyer. As a result, it was difficult for players to figure out which one they should buy to get the content that they wanted.

That’s perhaps why Evolve is now hosting a free to play event this weekend; in order to show people what the game is really made of and win them over once more. Turtle Rock and 2K Games have explained that over Labor Day, Xbox One and PC gamers will be able to play the game for nothing. Players on these platforms will be able to try out four of the game’s monsters, 18 hunters, and 19 of Evolve’s different game maps, with Turtle Rock and 2K saying that DLC and season pass content will be rotated during the course of the weekend.

Xbox One players can begin playing from 12:01am —> Read More

Pokemon Shuffle Now Available For iOS and Android

The Pokemon Company has launched Pokemon Shuffle Mobile on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

The match-three puzzle game is free on both platforms with in-game purchases available.

In Pokemon Shuffle, players deal damage against wild Pokemon by matching three or more Pokemon in a row. Players will clear stages by using Mega-Evolved Pokemon, levelling up their own Pokemon, and matching types with wild Pokemon; any wild Pokemon that are defeated can be caught. There are currently over 150 Pokemon available.

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Homefront: The Revolution Dev: You Can Essentially Call This A Reboot – Victory Point

During our Pax Prime demo with Homefront: The Revolution, Deep Silver talked to us about the transition from Crytek to Deep Silver and what has changed since its original E3 Demo. During our interview with C.J Kershner, senior narrative designer, he revealed that the upcoming installment doesnt follow the events in the titles debut in order to make the best entry for newcomers. —> Read More

Batman: Arkham Knight DLC 7 Reasons The Season Pass Is A Total Failure


Did you know Batman: Arkham Knight is STILL not available on PC?

Way back in June it emerged the console versions had been prioritised by developers Rocksteady (for whatever reason, I dont know), so come release you had a fairly butter-smooth experience on both PS4 and Xbox One, whilst the PC release was a genuinely unplayable mess for the majority of players.

It resulted in Warner Bros. pulling the game from Steam to make amends, yet three whole months later checking the same sales page returns a prompt that proves its still not ready. —> Read More

Cosplay, Merchandise, and Best of PAX Prime 2015 Galleries

Not able to attend PAX Prime this year? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of all our extensive galleries from one of gaming’s biggest community events!

Best Cosplay at PAX Prime 2015

Want to see all the best cosplay from this year’s PAX Prime? From The Legend of Zelda’s Sheik to Street Fighter’s Balrog, we’ve compiled our top picks from what we saw on the convention floor!

Click here for the full cosplay gallery from PAX Prime 2015.

Best League of Legends Cosplay at PAX Prime 2015

This year’s PAX Prime was filled with League of Legends cosplay. So we’ve compiled a gallery of all the best champions we saw at the big convention!

Click here for the full gallery of the League of Legends cosplay at PAX Prime 2015.

Coolest Merchandise at PAX Prime 2015

A major highlight of any big convention is the countless amounts of merchandise on display, and this year’s PAX Prime is no exception. So we’ve collected photos of all the coolest merchandise and collectibles!

Click here for the full gallery of the coolest merchandise at PAX Prime 2015.

The Most Amazing Photos You Might Have Missed from PAX Prime 2015

There was a variety of amazing sights at this year’s PAX Prime. Be it elaborately designed booths or detailed life-sized statues, check out what we saw!

Click here for the full gallery of the best photos you might have missed from PAX Prime 2015.

For more on PAX Prime 2015, check out all our extensive coverage of the event right here! And feel free —> Read More

Mario History: Mario Kart: Double Dash!! – 2003

Nintendo Life

Arriving two years after Mario Kart Super Circuit on the GBA, Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (emphasis not ours) is the fourth game in the Mario Kart series, or third home console release. Producer Shigeru Miyamoto was keen for this new entry in the Mario Kart series to be a game which could be enjoyed by veteran players, without alienating newcomers to the series or gaming in general. —> Read More

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