Spotify app launches today, exclusive to PlayStation “for the foreseeable”

Popular music streaming service Spotify has just launched its first-ever games console app – and it’s exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 for the time being.

“PlayStation have gaming exclusivity,” Murray Pannell, UK marketing director for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, confirmed to Eurogamer at a preview of the app last week. And how long does the exclusivity period last? “That’s to be decided exactly,” he confessed, “but certainly for the foreseeable.”

At a time when media-streaming services such as Netflix are typically found on every connected console, the exclusivity deal is a minor coup for Sony. Spotify is a leader in digital music, with over 30m tracks available, 60 million active users and an impressive 15 million paying subscribers. The deal effectively calls time on Sony’s own ambitions in music streaming, with the Spotify app replacing the platform-holder’s Music Unlimited service. The partnership “still means we’re in music, but is also the foundation of our music strategy going forward,” Pannell said. “It’s going to be really good for us.”

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PS4 and PS3 Consoles Getting Spotify App Today


Sony has announced its new co-venture with Spotify – dubbed PlayStation Music – is now available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles in 41 markets.

First announced earlier this year, the app will be automatically downloaded upon booting up your console. You won’t need a premium Spotify account or PS Plus subscription in order to use it so, as long as you have a console, it’ll be free. As with other versions of the service, opting to buy a premium account removes adverts and increases the quality of songs.

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Kid Icarus 3D Classics Review

More than twenty years ago, Kid Icarus was released for the NES and went unnoticed by many, overshadowed by the much more popular Metroid series. In 2012, after Pits growing popularity in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Nintendo revived the Kid Icarus franchise by creating Uprising on the 3DS. Alongside the release, the NES original was added to the eshop as a 3D Classic, a treatment that gave NES games more depth literally. —> Read More

My Month-Long Resident Evil Binge, and Why Capcoms Monsters Will Never Change

Vice: The other night I saw a weird amorphous shape moving on the ground just in front of my apartment door. It was dark and I was returning home from a late-night caffeine run and couldn’t see very well over the reddish glare of a street lamp that cuts the shadowy façade of my building in two.

Now expecting an encounter with whatever the hell I was looking at, two thoughts ran through my head simultaneously: it was too big to be a cat, and it must be some mutated horror infected by the T-Virus. When it turned to face me, I met the beady gaze of a possum (next thought: hope it’s not rabid). Not exactly the Umbrella-engineered biohazard I’d assumed, but that’s what gorging on nothing but Resident Evil for weeks on end does to your brain. —> Read More

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