Exoskeleton lets paralysed man walk again using his own muscles

Exoskeleton Paralysed Man Walk

Paralysis is one condition modern medicine has yet to overcome, but many research projects are looking at ways of restoring mobility to accident victims. In fact, such research recently allowed one man who was completely paralyzed from the waist down to walk again with the help of specialized neurostimulation and an exoskeleton.

The interesting part is that the man, a former athlete who lost his sight in 1998 and then broke his spine in 2010, was able to control his muscles using help from the new technology.

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Jimmy Kimmel Does a Let’s Play to Show How Awful They Are


For the most part, comedy is subjective, which is probably why many would argue that it’s the most difficult art form in existence to master. There’s no formula or foolproof way to synthesize someone’s sense of humor and make it palatable for every human being on the planet. By its very nature, comedy’s intention is to question, push boundaries, and subvert stodgy expectations, and as a byproduct of those actions, it often offends. That being said, there are a lot of people in the world who aren’t too keen on laughing whenever they’re the butt of the joke.

Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel – host of ABC’s popular late-night variety show entitled Jimmy Kimmel Live! – shared his opinion on the idea of Let’s Play videos that coincided somewhere around the time YouTube Gaming launched, saying that the practice was “a waste of time”. He also compared it to a person going to a restaurant and having someone else eat their food. Since Kimmel’s job is to basically lambaste culture on a nightly basis, the statements he made were rather innocuous.

However, the quips didn’t sit well with a pretty sizable portion of the gaming community (the huge chunk of folks who helped fund PewDiePie’s $7 million from YouTube earnings in 2014), as many fans of Let’s Play streams overreacted, taking to message boards to spout senseless vitriol and death threats at Kimmel. For example, one person went as far as to write, “Bungie jump off a cliff with the rope around your neck [you] chipmunk degen f***”, while another user posted the disgusting statement, “Get cancer you f***ing cabbage” in the YouTube comments. Despite the abhorrent and unnecessary heckling thrown Kimmel’s way, the talk-show host recently sat down with the well-known YouTubers —> Read More

Etsy’s Pulling The Plug On Grand St. At The End Of This Month


When Etsy bought Grand St. last April, the plan was to let Grand St. continue to operate its maker marketplace for tech hardware. But that’s about to change. At the end of this month, Grand St. will stop processing orders and on October 1, listings on the site will become inactive. At that point, Grand St.’s site will just be a gallery of content and photos. That’s… Read More —> Read More

Game of the Month August 2015

You’d think August would be a slow month for video games as we march inexorably towards the busy fall season. But in 2015, this was not the case. There was more than enough to tide us over until the highly-anticipated launch of

This month also saw the return of an old classic with new polish. Gears of War Ultimate Edition brought us back to where it all started, helping us relive our nostalgia with a fresh coat of paint. While the remastered edition wasn’t quite the same masterpiece as the original, we still found much to love. Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn–another PS4 exclusive–topped off the month, delivering us a brilliant survival horror game wrapped in slasher flick tropes.

When thinking back on August, it’s Until Dawn that we remember we think on most fondly. We here at GameSpot were captivated by it, dedicating ourselves to an overnight stream of the game and a horrifically entertaining death compilation. The game almost has no right being as good as it is; it surprised us, delighted us, and in the end we decided that there’s now way we can’t not applaud this engaging little gem.

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Summer 2015’s 5 Biggest Box Office Flops

We know what the biggest hits of summer 2015 were, so now it’s time for the industry postmortem on the season’s box office bombs.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, these are the five biggest flops of this past summer “accounting for budget, marketing spend and revenue the film can expect to earn in ancillary markets. Grosses are through Sept. 4, with several titles still in release worldwide.”

Tomorrowland (Disney)

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How Daredevil Shaped Marvel’s Modern Era

With the “All-New, All-Different Marvel” relaunch barely a month away, Marvel is bringing a number of ongoing series to a close. One of those is Mark Waid’s Daredevil, a story that has unfolded, in one form or another, for the past four years. It’s a bittersweet time to be a Daredevil fan. Not simply because the comic was consistently one of Marvel’s best, but because Waid’s Daredevil played such a huge role in shaping the tone and direction of the Marvel Universe over the past several years.

Daredevil #18 Review

Flashing back to late summer 2011, neither Marvel nor DC were doing so hot. Comic book sales were at their lowest point in years. Marvel’s big summer crossover, Fear Itself, wasn’t exactly a Civil War or House of M-level hit. DC was making final preparations to torpedo their universe and usher in the New 52. In a time when so much about the comics industry and its future seemed uncertain, Marvel quietly launched a new series starring the Man Without Fear. Given the pedigree of the character and the creative team (Waid and artist Paolo Rivera), many fans were expecting a solid hit. But it’s doubtful many predicted how revolutionary or important the book would become.

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Heres everything you can unlock in Metal Gear Solid V (that we know of)

It wouldnt be a Metal Gear Solid game without a plethora of hidden goodies, unlockables, and general curios for you to spend hours trying to unlock. Some of them are purely cosmetic, whilst others serve a more technical purpose. So to help you through the sea of obscure inventions, heres a list explaining what each key items nets you, along with the steps required to unlock it. —> Read More

The Race To Frictionless Parking


Parking. It’s an issue that impacts everyone who owns a car. People might not think about it or talk about it, but it certainly can be one of those daily frustrations that ignites stress. Traditionally, drivers will circle the block for a coveted on-street parking space or a parking garage that has an affordable hourly rate. However, there is more to parking than white lines, garages… Read More —> Read More

Will your non-Samsung phone work with the hot new Gear S2 smartwatch? Find out here

Samsung Gear S2

Samsung finally did it… and it only took two years and what felt like a dozen attempts. The fresh new Gear S2 is the first Samsung smartwatch that is truly worth wanting. It looks great, it feels solid, its user interface is well designed, and its software is reasonably smooth for a watch platform.

I spent some time with the device earlier this week, and I posted my hands-on Gear S2 preview on Thursday. In that article, I mentioned that Samsung had learned from its earlier mistakes and made the S2 compatible not just with a number of Samsung smartphones, but also with many Android phones made by other handset vendors.

Are you interested in the Gear S2 but unsure if your phone made the cut? Well, now it’s time to find out.

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