Face-Off: Dishonored: The Definitive Edition

With a sequel to Dishonored in the works, a remaster of the original game for current-gen consoles was all but inevitable – a release confirmed at E3 earlier this year. Dubbed the Definitive Edition, the latest version of Dishonored promises a substantial upgrade over the Xbox 360 and PS3 releases, featuring updated visuals and the inclusion of all the downloadable content. There are also improvements to frame-rate, but the boost only goes so far: we’re still looking at 30fps, albeit with a higher level of stability in performance.

Coming up to its three-year anniversary, it’s fair to say that the look of the UE3-powered title hasn’t aged particularly well when viewed through a full HD lens, though the gameplay still captivates. Both consoles hand in a native 1080p image, bringing with it a substantial boost in clarity and sharpness over the 720p last-gen releases. That full HD presentation is backed by run of the mill anti-aliasing – and based on a comparison with the PC version, it looks like standard FXAA is in play on both PS4 and Xbox One.

Curiously, there does seem to be a small amount of variance in the overall coverage offered by the AA solution, producing a slightly sharper image on Xbox One with distant scenery lacking the mild softening effect that appears sporadically on PS4. However, shimmering around fine details is more commonplace across both near-field structures and those further away from the camera, while long edges lack the same level of smoothness compared to the other platforms. Here, the PC game offers the most refined presentation with the PS4 following behind. On PC we opted for FXAA for our captures, which provides a smoother image than the MLAA alternative, at the expense of a slight blur to texture clarity.

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New Redmi 2 Variant Passes TENAA, Could Come With Beefed-Up Specs


Although we have seen a lot of smartphone releases in the first half of 2015 from Xiaomi, the company still has a lot in store. Lin Bin, the President of Xiaomi had earlier revealed that the company will release several new smartphones in the second half of 2015. We expect at least two launches in the second half, the Xiaomi Mi4c, the domestic variant of the Mi4i with Snapdragon 808 and the Xiaomi Mi5 flagship. But it looks like the company may have yet another device in store for its fans.

A new device with the model number 2014512 got certification on August 31. When we checked out the pictures as well as the connectivity details, the model had the exact same design as the Redmi 2. Now, why would the same model pass through TENAA again? The specs are not available at the moment, but its likely that this is yet another variant of the Redmi 2. Remember the Redmi 2A, the company’s cheapest smartphone with a Leadcore SoC? Well, given that the low-end segment is covered, this could be a slightly beefed-up variant in the Redmi series.

Gone Home is a high water mark for female representation in gaming

Popoptiq: And within the games themselves, one could certainly make the case that the situation for women is improving, while still being bogged down by many of the same tropes and clichés. That being said, rather than attempt an overarching analysis of sexism in gaming, Ill use my limited space here to concentrate on a game which has made admirable efforts (and, in many ways, succeeded, but more on that in a bit) towards telling the stories of women in interactive media: Gone Home. —> Read More

Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadville Now Available On The App Store

TTP:” Around a month ago we have reported that Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadville, a really interesting simulation game in development for some time for iOS devices, was finally going to be released in late August. Unfortunately the game missed its release date due to device compatibility issues that prevented the game from working on select devices. Now it seems like the team has solved all of the games issues, as Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadville is now available for purchase on the App Store.” —> Read More

Star Wars Developer Making New Multiplayer Game

Former Star Wars: The Old Republic developer Dallas Dickinson is heading up a new studio to make a new multiplayer online action game.

Dickinson has assembled a staff full of veteran online game developers who have worked on The Old Republic, Dark Age of Camelot, and Warhammer Online, for his new studio called QC Games and have partnered with publisher Nexon for its first game.

“Having the freedom to bring our vision to life is paramount to me and my team,” Dickinson said in a statement, “working with Nexon America provides us creative control as well as deep support from a partner who understands the online market better than anyone else.”

No details were given in regards to the studios’ first game.

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Gym for Nerds Opens in Los Angeles

Are you ready to get “nerd strong?” A new gym open in LA is catering specifically to those of us in the geek communities.

It’s called Nerdstrong, and it thinks it’s time for you to stop being the scruffy-looking nerf herder.

Many of the workouts are built around fantasy, sci-fi, and superhero adventures as a way of making exercising more fun. You may be kicking down dungeon doors, raiding temples, joining the Avengers, fighting zombies, or even taking on Game of Thrones’ the Mountain in combat.

My favorite, though, is battling Coily alongside Q*bert. That is a fairly obscure idea for a workout routine. Although, I imagine all that jumping would be good exercise.

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