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Destin Legarie, Sean Finnegan and Fran Mirabella discuss the next week as there are a ton of changes coming to Destiny that are preparing us for The Taken King. Here’s what you can expect.

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‘Star Wars’ actor reveals the ridiculous ways Disney has kept ‘The Force Awakens’ spoilers under wraps

Star Wars The Force Awakens Plot Secret

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the most highly anticipated movie coming out this year but we still know surprisingly little about its main plot. There’s a good reason for that: Disney has done an amazing job of keeping the movie’s secrets under tight wraps in a way that Steve Jobs would have certainly appreciated. In an interview with The Guardian, Anthony Daniels (a.k.a., the actor who plays beloved droid C-3PO) reveals just how far Disney has gone to keep spoilers for The Force Awakens from leaking out.

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Everything You Need to Know About Destiny’s Major Patch

To call Destiny‘s upcoming expansion huge would be an understatement.

The Taken King is retooling so many of the shooter’s systems, and changing so many things about the game we’ve come to know, that we can safely call it massive. Destiny is becoming a different beast entirely.

Next week, to lay the foundation for the expansion, Bungie is releasing Destiny’s biggest patch. And there’s a lot to take in, from minor changes to sweeping transformations. Some of them are tweaks to the user interface. Others alter the way we track objectives. A much-maligned character stat is getting axed in favor of a more user-friendly approach.

So in preparation for The Taken King expansion releasing Sept. 15, we’ve outlined some of the major differences between Destiny’s first year, and Destiny as it will exist after Patch 2.0 on September 8. In the video below, we’ve also outlined a few things you can do to get ready for the expansion’s launch.

New Experience System

Destiny’s Light rating was one of the main barriers to many players. In the game’s first year, the stat was an intrinsic property for certain pieces of armor, and finding specific items was the only way to reach higher character levels. Because of this, jumping from one level to the next could be a slog if you didn’t know exactly what to be working toward.

But with the new patch, Bungie is completely retooling how Light works. Instead of dictating which pieces of armor you pursue, Light is now an average of your overall attack power and defense rating. It’s nowjust an indicator of how good your inventory is, and doesn’t create any barriers on your search for gear. Your character —> Read More

Mad Max Review | Twinfinite

Lets start here with a good dose of honest, no-nonsense reality: nearly every single time that games and films cross, the result is a disaster. For whatever reason, something is almost universally lost in translation when taking big-budget film worlds and creating games within them, and the results going the other direction are consistently just as bad, if not worse. Mad Max tries to break the trend by coming from another direction. By not being a direct adaptation or tie-in to any existing film, the game attempts to give itself narrative freedom while remaining true to the source. —> Read More

Drone accidentally catches man suntanning atop a 200-foot wind turbine

Drone Wind Turbine

We’ve all been there. It’s the weekend. The sun is out and there’s barely a cloud in the sky. So you do what any other right-minded person would do in such a situation: you climb up on a wind turbine and lie down to catch a few rays.

It’s all pretty cliche, one has to admit.

But if you’re anything like me, you prefer to have a little bit of privacy when suntanning 200 ft. up above the ground. Now back in my day, that was certainly possible. But in today’s modern age, what with drones flying everywhere, a man can’t even relax on a wind turbine without getting harassed by a leering and intrusive drone.

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Happy #ForceFriday! Here’s how you can order your own Millennium Falcon drone

Force Friday Millennium Falcon Drone

Disney has dubbed today “Force Friday,” although it’s really just an excuse for the company and its toy manufacturer partners to sell a new round of Star Wars-themed toys. Two new toys that we thought would be of interest to BGR readers are a pair of aerial drones that are designed to look like the iconic Millennium Falcon and X-Wing Fighter spaceships.

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Goku Takes On The Entire Street Fighter 2 Cast And It’s Awesome

It’s become a trend as of late to include special guest characters in tried and true fighting game franchises. SoulCalibur kick-started the trend by offering platform-exclusive guest fighters for gamers, while Mortal Kombat X saw to it that horror movie icons Jason Vorhees and Predator joined the fray as downloadable content. In fact, one of the only series not to include guest characters in some capacity is Street Fighter, which apparently got YouTube’s GameBill Studio thinking about how one would fit into the arcade action.

The aforementioned YouTubers opted to place Dragon Ball Z‘s very own Goku into the mix. Unsurprisingly for anyone familiar with the anime property, the entire balance of Street Fighter is immediately shattered as a result of the overwhelming abilities that the Saiyan Warrior possesses. While clearly designed to be humorous, the end result is still a very well-made fan video that’s worth checking out for followers of either series.

While there’s little debate that Ryu would have his tail handed to him by Goku if a real battle (as real as a fight between two fictitious characters can be) were ever to break out between the two, it’s probably best if the anime character stuck to his own line of Bandai Namco-published fighting games. Even then, it likely won’t stop gamers from asking for the poster boy for the Dragon Ball franchise from appearing as a bonus fighter in a beat ’em up like Street Fighter or Super Smash Bros. – the latter of which many have been wanting to see for years.

This fan-made footage couldn’t have come at a better time either, as Capcom slowly continues to roll out updates on Street Fighter 5. The most recent confirmation about the forthcoming title was that the —> Read More

CrunchWeek: Uber Class Action, A Poaching Settlement And Apple’s Big Adventure


This week in the world of tech, Uber got word that drivers in California were granted class-action status, a settlement ends the poaching drama started by Apple and Google and Apple’s about to drop everything but the kitchen sink next week at their September 9th circus event. We’re all wearing blazers in this episode and Matthew Lynley nails his transition marks (so you know we… Read More —> Read More

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