Amazon deal: $5 adapter lets you plug two pairs of headphones into one jack

Headphone Splitter

You’re sitting there at the school library, on a plane or even at home watching something on your phone, laptop or tablet, and someone sitting next to you is watching over your shoulder. It happens more often than some people might think. If you’re using earbuds you could share one, but let’s be honest: that’s disgusting. Instead, whip out your Monoprice 107116 Headphone Splitter and you can both enjoy stereo sound with independent volume controls from the same audio jack.

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Machinima Settles FTC Charges Over Deceptive Xbox One Videos

Machinima, a multi-channel gaming network based in California, has decided to settle Federal Trade Commission charges over allegations that it deceived consumers by releasing paid video advertisements for the Xbox One disguised as personal opinion.

According to the FTC, Machinima paid two YouTubers in its network $15,000 and $30,000 to create videos expressing endorsement of Microsoft’s Xbox One console.

These content creators were instructed by Machinima to create content that “showcases Microsoft products in positive light,” but were not required to disclose the compensation they received for doing so.

“When people see a product touted online, they have a right to know whether they’re looking at an authentic opinion or a paid marketing pitch,” said Jessica Rich, Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection.

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Voting opens for 33rd Golden Joystick Awards

The 33rd Golden joystick Awards take place on October 30th, and voting has now opened on this years nominees.

This years event takes place at the indig02 at Londons O2 Arena and will be hosted by TV presenter Danny Wallace. There are 24 categories in total, 21 of which are open to the public vote.

This years most nominated game is Sonys PS4 exclusive Bloodborne, while the second most nominated will be a surprise to some, although possibly not to those who played it Sam Barlows Her Story. Batman: Arkham Knight claims seven nominations, while Splatoon, Dragon Age: Inquisition and The Witcher 3 claim six. —> Read More

The Deer God Review | GameSpew

Rich at GameSpew writes: “Always treat others as you would like to be treated yourself, that what was always drummed into me as a child. Its also the message that I believe The Deer God tries to impress upon you, in its own ham-fisted (or should that be venison-fisted?) way. But whilst morality does play quite a large role in the game, it all comes down to the same old task in the end: beat up the boss, like a boss.

The Deer God begins with a hapless hunter spotting a deer in the distance. Observing the graceful creature with the viewfinder of his rifle, a wolf attacks him, causing him to pull the trigger just as the deers fawn moves into the firing line. With the fawn dead, whether or not he intended to shoot to kill is not considered, as The Deer God decides to punish the hunter for his evil deed by turning him into a fawn himself. It is with this act of karma that the game begins, throwing you into a dangerous world in which youll have to thrive to survive, and ultimately m… —> Read More

Toy Soldiers: War Chest Review | Gamespot

At first blush, the combination of war toys with classic action figures from 1980s cartoons in Toy Soldiers: War Chest–such as He-Man and G.I. Joe–is exactly where Toy Soldiers has seemingly been leading from the start. After all, the series very premise has revolved around the childhood bliss of combating plastic heroes and villains in small, detailed landscapes. War Chest could have been just that, but its plastic-like sheen is scuffed by issues like microtransactions, content locked behind Uplay, and irritating technical problems. —> Read More

Destiny: The Taken King’s Raid Launches September 18th

With only a couple short weeks remaining between fans and Destiny: The Taken King, Bungie has been in the news quite a bit lately, as they detail new gameplay and features through a series of livestreams. Tapping into these social media networks has also made sure that the game has remained in the forefront of everyone’s minds leading up to release as well.

Raids have become a core part of the Destiny experience for players, pitting a group of six against waves of stronger enemies, environmental puzzles, and an end boss that promises powerful loot upon defeat. While Destiny added new Raids post-launch including Crota’s End and the Vault of Glass, many fans were thrilled to hear that the upcoming King’s Fall would be Bungie’s biggest raid yet.

Unfortunately, Bungie recently announced a slight delay to the raid, pushing it out of the game’s launch window. With the final Taken King livestream wrapping up earlier today, Bungie surprised fans with a first look at the upcoming King’s Fall raid, and confirmed a launch date as well.

Taking place as a surprise reveal at the end of the Court of Oryx livestream, creative director Luke Smith appeared to apologize to fans for keeping new details under wraps for so long, promising more details were coming soon. The stream ended with a brand new teaser for the King’s Fall raid and the long awaited launch date of September 18, a mere three days after The Taken King‘s launch.

King’s Fall takes players deep within the new player space called The Dreadnaught, to take down the Hive god, Oryx. The storyline seemingly builds off the events of Crota’s End, in which players killed Oryx’s son, Crota. Positioning his ship off the rings of Saturn, the self appointed king seeks revenge on those —> Read More

Verizon Is (Apparently) Changing Its Logo, Too


According to AdAge, our corporate overlord Verizon will be introducing a new logo this week. Proving that we have little or nothing to do with AOL or Verizon really, this was also news to us. Let’s have a look. Here’s the existing logo: Here’s the new logo that AdAge says will be unleashed on Thursday and is being shown off internally (to everyone but us): Google launched… Read More —> Read More

Lyft Line’s Express Re-Route Feature Aims To Get You Where You’re Going Faster


Lyft has quietly added a new feature to Lyft Line, its service that lets passengers share rides with other people heading their same direction for a lower price, called Express Re-route. With this new feature, which officially rolled out exactly one week ago, Lyft Line may reassign you to a driver with a passenger whose route more closely aligns with yours. “It’s essentially… Read More —> Read More

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