Polaroid Snap hands-on: a digital camera with instant prints


Among the tablets, phones, laptops and more filling IFA are some cameras, and among those cameras is Polaroid’s newest instant shooter: the Polaroid Snap. This is a minimalist and arguably basic digital camera, but with a big twist over low-budget photography hardware. Using ZINK Zero Ink technology, the printer spits out small instant prints without using ink. The Polaroid Snap … —> Read More

Person of Interest Creators Pick Their 8 Favorite Episodes

Warning: Some Spoilers for Person of Interest: Season 1-4 follow…

It’s been a big week for the creators and fans of CBS’ Person of Interest. Not only did the show enter its first ever syndicated run on WGN America, but the first three seasons were finally released on Netflix – with the fourth arriving on Netflix in just a few weeks, on September 22nd. “The show all about network intelligence is finally on the internet,” creator Jonathan Nolan remarked. Fans can now more easily revisit old episodes and – more importantly, perhaps – new eyes can find the show. Hopefully enough to give POI a boost when it returns in 2016 with a 13-episode Season 5.

Person of Interest to “Drop the Mic” with Season 5

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The Best Xbox One Headset

Almost two years after the Xbox One’s launch, the selection of official headsets has finally begun to fill out. Even just a year ago, the offerings were slim and didn’t have enough features to make them worth the outlay, especially if you already owned a set of headphones you liked and could pair with Microsoft’s headset adapter. You didn’t always sound amazingly clear to your Xbox Live party, but it worked.

But now that you have choices that make both game and chat audio sound great, which one do you pick? After spending hours with popular Xbox One headsets from Astro, Skullcandy, Polk Audio, and Plantronics, as well as the entirety of Turtle Beach’s Xbox One headset lineup, we’ve assembled our top recommendations to help you out.

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Mad Max Performance Guide

Nicolae Andrei at in2gpu.com wrote:

“Mad Max is developed by Avalanche Studio and published by Warner Bros. Entertainment. Now, I dont know if Warner Bros. got scared after the Arkham Knight fiasco or if Avalanche simply kick ass at making games but one thing I can say for sure, this game runs amazingly well. Let us start with the basic features:” —> Read More

The Stylus Still Rules The Galaxy Note 5


The concept Galaxy Note 5 is at once a thing of genius and a nod to a benighted world before the modern touchscreen. Born in the swamps of the resistive LCD, the stylus lurched onto dry land and lives on as a reminder of our history. It is, to be sure, useful but on the Galaxy Note 5 it is a vestigial tool useful in parts of the world where handwriting is easier than tapping. But what does… Read More —> Read More

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