Cutting, Shooting, and Warping Through Battleborn’s Cooperative Story Mode

I launched poisonous orbs at bipedal monsters with chain guns today, while a ballroom dancer cut through crowds with a handful of floating swords.

But by casting the aforementioned mushroom in the center of our gallant group, I ensured our health would never drop too low. It allowed my teammate using Marquis to snipe from the safety of a healing aura, and further reinforced our tank’s vitality.

After playing one campaign mission with two separate characters, I still prefer the intensity of Battleborn”s competitive mode. But the objective driven campaign may be the thing to lend a little more variety to Gearbox’s title, and as it’s going up against Blizzard’s Overwatch and Bethesda’s Battlecry, this story mode doesn’t hurt.

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Elon Musk Can’t Be That Afraid Of Robots, Check Out This Tesla Production Line

Elon Musk

Elon Musk has warned us about robots taking over with the help of AI. He’s even donated money to make sure that it doesn’t happen. However, it sure does seem like Tesla relies on robots quite a bit, even if they’re not being primed to turn the company into Skynet.
At one point this year Musk referred to AI as “summoning the demons.” He says it’s still… Read More —> Read More

New to Amazon Prime for September 2015

Amazon is getting into the Halloween season a bit early this fall with The Blair With Project, Rob Zombie’s Halloween, Hannibal Rising, Lord of Illusions, and more – all free to watch for Prime members on Amazon’s Instant Video app.

Plus, Hand of God, starring Ron Perlman (Hellboy, SOA), debuts its first season as Amazon makes a big fall push to ramp up their original series slate. And if you’re simply looking for movies and shows to buy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Game of Thrones’ fifth season, the Poltergeist reboot and more will be available for purchase.

Fall TV Preview: Walking Dead, Fargo, Flash, and A Lot More

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Popcorn Time blames Hollywood for popularity of illegal streaming

Popcorn Time Streaming

As the unofficial Netflix for Pirates, Popcorn Time has made waves ever since it debuted back in October of 2014. With an intuitive interface that puts other BitTorrent clients to shame, Popcorn Time makes it easier than ever for users to stream their favorite TV shows and movies from within a browser or even right from their smartphones.

Not surprisingly, Popcorn Time’s arrival has been resulted in an appreciable increase in overall piracy rates across the globe. Underscoring the threat that Popcorn Time poses to traditional industry revenue streams, Netflix a few months ago even called out the service by name, painting it as a strategic threat to its core business.

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Buzz Aldrin Wants to Colonize Mars

The Florida Institute of Technology has established the Buzz Aldrin Space Institute at the university, and it will be promoting the settlement of Mars.

Buzz Aldrin, part of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, said that he is “thrilled to be partnering with FIT,” adding that “FIT will play a key role in my ongoing legacy and Cycling Pathways to Occupy Mars. You ain’t seeing nothing yet!”

The Buzz Aldrin Space Institute will be supporting “commercial and international development of lunar resources to support an eventual Mars settlement,” according to Florida Tech’s website. Cycling Pathways to Occupy Mars is a concept of progressive missions to cis-lunar space (the sphere within the Moon’s orbit), asteroids, Phobos (one of Mars’ moons), and eventually to Mars itself.

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Check Out This New Card For The Magic Battle for Zendikar Expansion

While we might tend to focus on the console and handheld side of gaming at a show like PAX Prime, there are tons of announcements from across the gaming spectrum that happen during the popular community-driven show. And one of the biggest names in collectible card gaming, Magic: The Gathering, has some PAX news lined up for later today.

We have a preview below of one of the cards that will be included in the upcoming Battle for Zendikar expansion. The Felidar Cub is a White Creature with the power to quickly knock out rival enchantments.

At 7:30 PM Pacific, Magic will be streaming the Battle for Zendikar Preview Show live right here (and embedded above), where they’ll be showing even more cards and content for the expansion.

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Minecraft: Story Mode Preview | GameRevolution

At first glance, the mere concept of a Telltale adventure in a Minecraft world, which emphasizes player freedom and is devoid of voice-acting, might seem like a stretch in terms of narrative and dialogue choice. But similar criticisms could have been lobbed at The Lego Movie, yet that movie was able to craft a dimensional cross-over extravaganaza with a titular character voiced by Chris Pratt that was altogether a favorite for both fans and critics. Minecraft: Story Mode aims to do the same thing in the video game space, with the player controlling a protagonist named Jesse, voiced by Patton Oswalt, who must save the world from an Ender Dragon. —> Read More

Six Amazing Games on Xbox One Indies Program

Before the show floor at PAX 2015 opened, we got the chance to try out some of the most exciting, up-and-coming indie games at a public Xbox One event. But with dozens of amazing experiences, some old and some new, we only had enough time to spend with a handful of games. Consider this just sampling of the fun indie experiences making their way soon to Microsoft’s console.

Knight Squad

The best multiplayer games deftly mix skill-focused gameplay with just the right amount of chaos and chance to make sure things never get too unbalanced. And Knight Squad seems to perfect that balance. A top-down, Gauntlet-like game, Knight Squad’s combat is methodical, favoring strategic sword strikes over button-mashing. But crazy power-ups and weapons like bombs, arrows, and drills ensure that even the best players can be taken down. A few times.

The game has a wide assortment of maps and modes, but the version on hand at the Microsoft event focused on capture the flag. You would race to the center of the stage to grab a grail before other enemy knights; the chalice slows you down, but you’re still able to fight back. Whoever kills you, gets possession of the grail…and possession of every other players’ ire. Frantic, challenging, and fun, we look forward to trying out even more of Knight Squad’s couch co-op once it releases. — Justin Haywald


Zarvot is the game I’d imagine you’d get if if the classic Atari game Combat was re-imagined for modern consoles, but with bigger weapons and more than two colors. The top-down tank combat is almost as simple as its old-school inspiration: move with the control stick, dash with one button, and —> Read More

Dragon Age Inquisition: Trespasser DLC looks like the expansion fans have been waiting for

EA Spain has accidentally published a trailer for Trespasser, a meaty new Dragon Age Inquisition DLC set after the role-playing game’s main campaign.

BioWare has yet to officially announce the expansion and the trailer was quickly pulled offline – although not before being reuploaded by other channels.

The big news is that Trespasser will – finally – build upon the main game’s shock cliffhanger ending.

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