This Travel Jacket Is The Most-Funded Clothing Item In The History Of Crowdfunding

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This jacket is going to need a lot more pockets to stuff all of the $$$ it’s raising. With less than a day to go, Baubax‘s versatile travel jacket Kickstarter project is nearing almost $8.5 million in funds contributed from over 40 thousand backers, making it the most well-funded clothing project in crowdfunding history, according to the site. The jacket aims to simplify the… Read More —> Read More

ASUS unveils its answer to Google’s OnHub router

Asus RT-AC5300 Fastest Wi-Fi Router

The recently unveiled OnHub wireless router is one of the most surprising products to come from Google this year. In case you haven’t heard yet, the device is supposed to improve your Wi-Fi experience thanks to various neat tricks – read about them here. But Asus just announced a new router of its own that’s ready to challenge all rivals, including Google’s OnHub.

Unveiled at IFA 2015, the RT-AC5300 doesn’t have a user-friendly product name, but it’s supposed to deliver the fastest Wi-Fi performance in the world. Not to mention that its alien-like design makes it look pretty sleek too.

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Ubisoft confirms Assassins Creed Syndicate carriage types, customization & more

“Whenever an annualized series like Assassins Creed comes around on the calendar, it must be at the forefront of thought as to what may have changed beyond just the time period or setting. Ubisoft is bringing the iron wheels of revolution to this years Assassins Creed Unity and Game Director Scot Phillips chatted with Examiner exclusively to spell out some of the details and big changes coming to industrial London in October.” —> Read More

Uncharted 4: Watch a New Playthrough of the Explosive PS4 Demo,Commented by Naughty Dog’s Arne Meyer

The E3 demo of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was definitely impressive, and today it was played live at GameStop Expo, showing a the same situations played in slightly different ways, enriched by the comment of Community Strategist Arne Meyer, who talked with the good folks of Kinda Funny Games about the ins and out of the demo and of the game itself. —> Read More

Extant: Season 2 Finale Trailer

IGN has a new exclusive preview for Extant’s season finale, as Halle Berry’s Molly Woods meets an exact copy of herself! Check out the video below:

Extant: Season 2’s finale airs Wednesday, September 9 at 9:00pm ET/PT on CBS.

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New Mortal Kombat X Character DLC Pack Teased

Click to drag the slider and reveal the brighter image.

NetherRealm Studios has hinted at the next new characters coming to fighting game Mortal Kombat X as part of a downloadable content pack. The image above was shared by the studio’s creative director Ed Boon on Twitter with the accompanying text, “Tomorrow?”

It’s hard to make out which character shadows are being shown, so I’ve bumped up the brightness to help make the silhouettes clearer. NetherRealm Studios recently released four new characters as part of its Kombat Pack. The pack included Jason Voorhees, Tanya, Predator, and Tremor, who was the last confirmed DLC character. Each character can also be purchased individually.

Since then Boon has teased that more new characters are on their way, confirming that news would be shared this week. A livestream in July labeled Tremor as being the final character in “Kombat Pack 1.” Previously, this was only ever called the Kombat Pack, suggesting there will be at least one more.

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