The Eko Core Is A Digital Upgrade For The Centuries-Old Stethoscope

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In a few months, the stethoscope will celebrate its 200th birthday. A medical breakthrough in 1816, it’s still a part of nearly every doctor’s visit today and a symbol of medicine itself.
Yet the stethoscope hasn’t changed much in the past 200 years. No different than in the 17th century, listening to a heartbeat has been a manual process that relies entirely on a… Read More —> Read More

Snap Is A Stabilized 4K Drone That’s Fully Portable

Snap takes a different crack at the consumer drone equation. Rather than creating a heavy giant like the latest DJI Phantom or some crappy toy that you’d buy off QVC, Vantage Robotics has chosen to create a drone that packs high quality recording equipment in a lightweight ultra-compact body. The app-enabled Snap allows users to perform a number of automated camera movements that let… Read More —> Read More

Get The Best Trade-In Price On Your Old iPhone Before The New One Drops


Apple is likely to drop a new pair of updated iPhones at its special event on September 9. If you’re planning on taking the plunge in purchasing one of the new devices and are thereby unloading your old iPhone, Gazelle has a deal for you. The used gadget buyer is offering a promotion through next Wednesday’s Apple event that “guarantees that Gazelle’s cash offer for… Read More —> Read More

Star Trek Online Butterfly Review | MMO-Play

Messing around with time can have some serious repercussions. Such is the case in the latest featured episode, called Butterfly, for the Star Trek Online mmorpg. The Iconians are pummeling the Alliance of the Federation, Romulans, and Klingons pretty handily, but the good guys have a secret weapon on their side. Due to the discovery of the Krenim, the Alliance has a weapon that can remove anything, including an entire race, from the timeline, but it’s quite dangerous to tinker with time itself. Does a final solution for allied victory come to pass? Find out in MMO-Play’s Star Trek Online Butterfly review. —> Read More

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