Happy #ForceFriday! Here’s how you can order your own Millennium Falcon drone

Force Friday Millennium Falcon Drone

Disney has dubbed today “Force Friday,” although it’s really just an excuse for the company and its toy manufacturer partners to sell a new round of Star Wars-themed toys. Two new toys that we thought would be of interest to BGR readers are a pair of aerial drones that are designed to look like the iconic Millennium Falcon and X-Wing Fighter spaceships.

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Goku Takes On The Entire Street Fighter 2 Cast And It’s Awesome

It’s become a trend as of late to include special guest characters in tried and true fighting game franchises. SoulCalibur kick-started the trend by offering platform-exclusive guest fighters for gamers, while Mortal Kombat X saw to it that horror movie icons Jason Vorhees and Predator joined the fray as downloadable content. In fact, one of the only series not to include guest characters in some capacity is Street Fighter, which apparently got YouTube’s GameBill Studio thinking about how one would fit into the arcade action.

The aforementioned YouTubers opted to place Dragon Ball Z‘s very own Goku into the mix. Unsurprisingly for anyone familiar with the anime property, the entire balance of Street Fighter is immediately shattered as a result of the overwhelming abilities that the Saiyan Warrior possesses. While clearly designed to be humorous, the end result is still a very well-made fan video that’s worth checking out for followers of either series.

While there’s little debate that Ryu would have his tail handed to him by Goku if a real battle (as real as a fight between two fictitious characters can be) were ever to break out between the two, it’s probably best if the anime character stuck to his own line of Bandai Namco-published fighting games. Even then, it likely won’t stop gamers from asking for the poster boy for the Dragon Ball franchise from appearing as a bonus fighter in a beat ’em up like Street Fighter or Super Smash Bros. – the latter of which many have been wanting to see for years.

This fan-made footage couldn’t have come at a better time either, as Capcom slowly continues to roll out updates on Street Fighter 5. The most recent confirmation about the forthcoming title was that the —> Read More

CrunchWeek: Uber Class Action, A Poaching Settlement And Apple’s Big Adventure


This week in the world of tech, Uber got word that drivers in California were granted class-action status, a settlement ends the poaching drama started by Apple and Google and Apple’s about to drop everything but the kitchen sink next week at their September 9th circus event. We’re all wearing blazers in this episode and Matthew Lynley nails his transition marks (so you know we… Read More —> Read More

See the progress being made on Apple’s spaceship campus in this drone flyby video

Apple Campus 2 Drone Video

Over the past several months, hobbyists with drones have been checking in on the development of the spaceship-like Apple Campus 2, which is currently under construction in Cupertino, California. The last few videos we’ve featured on BGR have been interesting, but in the latest recording from YouTube user Duncan Sinfield, we can finally see some real progress.

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The Interdependency Of Stanford And Silicon Valley


There was a time when Stanford University was considered a second-rate engineering school. It was the early 1940s, and the Department of Defense was pressed to assemble a top-secret team to understand and attack Germany’s radar system during World War II. It’s hard to imagine Stanford passed over as an innovation hub today — Stanford has outpaced some of the biggest Ivy… Read More —> Read More

EverQuest Next has a big internal playtest today

EverQuest Next is still very much a thing according to Daybreak producer Terry Michaels. On a livestream recorded earlier this afternoon, Michaels said that a big internal playtest happens today. Its an opportunity for Daybreak to bring in people who havent been working on the game for usability tests and to provide feedback on the work the team has been doing for the past several months. —> Read More

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