“I’ve Never Felt More Isolated,” Says Billionaire Minecraft Creator

Markus “Notch” Persson has opened up about his emotional state following his decision to

In the flurry of tweets, Persson also laments how the team that remains at Mojang aren’t fans of his. “When we sold the company, the biggest effort went into making sure the employees got taken care of,” he said. “And they all hate me now.”

Persson–a self-described introvert–capped off his thoughts by thanking people for their messages of support, and said he’s optimistic that his outlook will improve.

For more, check out CNET’s editorial: “Billionaire who sold Minecraft to Microsoft is sad and lonely.”

Previously, Persson said he kind of felt like a “sellout” for selling Minecraft to Microsoft. Persson reportedly had a 70 percent stake in Mojang, meaning he made around $1.75 billion from the sale.

The problem with getting everything is you run out of reasons to keep trying, and human interaction becomes impossible due to imbalance.

— Markus Persson (@notch) August 29, 2015

Hanging out in ibiza with a bunch of friends and partying with famous people, able to do whatever I want, and I’ve never felt more isolated.

— Markus Persson (@notch) August 29, 2015

In sweden, I will sit around and wait for my friends with jobs and families to have time to do shit, watching my reflection in the monitor.

— Markus Persson (@notch) August 29, 2015

When we sold the company, the biggest effort went into making sure the employees got taken care of, and they all hate me now.

— Markus Persson (@notch) August 29, 2015

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After $2.5 billion buyout, Minecraft creator has never felt more isolated

Minecraft Markus Persson

For many developers, the allure of creating a hit application and raking in lots of money is enough to justify long hours and months, if not years, of thankless work spent hunched over a computer and tinkering with code. And while some developers may not be interested in being bought out by a larger corporation (read: Mark Zuckerberg), for others, the money, which can be life-changing, is simply too good to pass up.

While one might easily assume that developers who cash out for untold millions are just as happy living the good life as they are coding away at a 9-5, that’s not always the case.

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Castle Crashers Dev’s New Game is Unlike Anything it’s Done Before

As a creative team, The Behemoth is amorphous. It planted its roots in game development with

To push the strategy angle farther, Behemoth has implemented a clever recruiting system. By equipping one of my warriors with a net, and another with a cage, I could have captured one of the enemies, granted they were the last one standing. It adds another layer of tactics, as I had to protect my fighters with the important equipment, while trying to isolate the enemy I wanted the most.

“I find new things every day I’m working on it,” Paladin said, after the enemies were gone and the field was clean. “Recruiting by capturing is just another thing that presents new possibilities and challenges. Making a strategy game is so new for me, and for the team, so finding these new ideas come out has been a great experience.”

I’m looking forward to having more time with Pit People. The demo was more than promising, and I’m a huge fan of The Behemoth’s prior work. This strategy game will require planning, forethought, and a willingness to change strategy on the fly. It’s the best excuse yet to return to The Behemoth’s signature style and bravado. For now, though, Castle Crashers Remastered will have to suffice.

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HTC Vive’s Reality Experience: Slighty Behind the Curve

At E3, I saw Oculus’ virtual reality experience at its zenith. I played with the the near-retail version of the Oculus Rift, combined with the Oculus Touch controller, as led by the founder of Oculus VR itself. At PAX Prime 2015, I finally had the chance to mess with the one of the many competitors to the Oculus Rift’s ascendance: the Vive, developed in collaboration with Valve and HTC. —> Read More

Every TV report on the economy summed up in one hilarious video

News Report Spoof

One of the problems people tend to have with traditional TV these days is that it can quickly become all too predictable. From sitcoms to dramas, and even news reports, a lot of the stuff that hits our screens follows the same tried and true formula.

Poking fun at this phenomenon is a rather hilarious and well-done video from the BBC’s Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe program. The clip below hilariously spoofs a typical news report on the economy that you might stumble across on any given news channel.

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