The Bulletin: Episode 16

Each week, The Bulletin brings you the latest Halo news, game updates, and exclusive reveals direct from the source at 343 Industries. This week, get a look at Halo: Escalation #16, start to Find the Truth, and join Jay for a chat with 343s Franchise Manager Corrinne Robinson about the Halo novels coming in 2015. —> Read More

Divinity: Original Sin Dev Talks Boob-Plates, Sexism And Moral Outrage

One Angry Gamer “Caught in the crossfire between the media and gamers are game developers. The devs are just trying to make good games. However, the medias finger-pointing hasnt been limited to demonizing their own audience, theyve also taken to silencing and badgering the artists and creators of interactive entertainment content as well.

One of the developers who knows full well about the demonization of artwork and having said art altered to fit the views of those offended by certain forms of gender depiction, is Larian Studios Thierry Van Gyseghem, an animator and artist who worked on the PC RPG Divinity: Original Sin.” —> Read More

Cara Ellison on: #Fortune

Lying with my face on a hotel pillow reading IMs from Chris Donlan: ‘It’s time to go full gonzo.’ Donlan is paying me a fee to take the free iPhone app #Fortune around the world with me to do a 2015 Dice Man. It’s an app that uses Twitter to generate digital fortune cookies.

Don’t get killed, Donlan says, and I sign off.

The maker of the strange #Fortune app is a man called Zach Gage. He makes games and lives in New York City and he only ever wears sandals everywhere. If I were a Male MFA Writer I’d say he’s ‘a drinking buddy’ of mine. I don’t feel particularly inclined to treat his game any better. My feelings are that if I savaged this guy’s free app he’d still have had a hand in Ridiculous Fishing, one of the most successful iOS games on the store. Maybe he’d be angry on a barstool next to me next time I saw him. Who cares. Maybe this entire article should be about my ambivalent feelings about Zach and our grown up relationship that entails respecting each other’s opinions.

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HTC One E9 Plus official images leaked!

htc one e9 plus leaked 1

For the past few days, thanks to the numerous leaks, we have known that HTC will unveil another version of the upcoming HTC One E9 called as the HTC One E9 Plus. While we have already seen some images of the handset before launch, today, team Ubuntu who are well known for leaking upcoming phone released a set of pictures which look like the official press images of the HTC One E9 Plus.

From the pictures, we can see that the device shown by Upleaks yesterday is exactly the same as this. The phone will be relatively larger than the E9, which is rumored to be around 5-inches in size. The E9 Plus will sport a two tone color design with a beautiful gold colored metal frame. However, other than that the phone’s body will be made of plastic. You can see that the images explain each feature of the device, which unfortunately is in Chinese.

htc one e9 plus leaked 9

As for the specs, the HTC One E9 Plus will reportedly come with MT6795 octa-core processor with 3GB RAM and 32GB of expandable storage. There will be a 5.5-inch display with 2K resolution. The rear camera will be of 20.7MP while the front shooter will be the same 4MP Ultrapixel sensor unit as the One M9. Sense 7 will be a big part of the phone’s software running on top of Android 5.0.2. So, expect features such as blinkfeed, new themes etc on the device like the flagship HTC One M9.

The pricing of the E9 Plus is said to be around 2999 Yuan ($482) while the One E9 is expected to retail between 2499 to 2699 Yuan.

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‘Mortal Kombat X’ Features Easy Fatalities

Mortal Kombat Easy Fatalities

One of the most iconic parts of Mortal Kombat is the franchise’s vicious finishing moves, with ultra-violent fatalities shocking audiences for decades – for better or worse. Developer NetherRealm Studios has promised that Mortal Kombat X will include some of the most over-the-top fatalities of the series, and the developer has already released footage of Scorpion and Quan Chi’s gruesome finishers. The videos whetted the appetites of fans, ready to recreate the fatalities in-game.

Players may find these fatalities a little easier to perform than in previous Mortal Kombat titles, however, as it has been revealed that there will be “easy fatalities” available in Mortal Kombat X. The news was announced by Tyler Landsdown, a community specialist at NetherRealm Studios, during a Mortal Kombat X live streaming session. According to Landsdown, there will be about three easy …

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The Awakened Fate Ultimatum Review | Gamer’s Palace

Gamer’s Palace: “The Awakened Fate ultimatum does many things righ und provides hours and hours of fun, but you have to adapt to the high difficulty. But with The Awakened Fate Ultimatum everyone can play God – And that’s fun! However, the cinematics could have been much nicer.

Nevertheless, The Awakened is Fate ultimatum a successful title with English language edition, which calls for the player and supports and comes with an interesting history. Even if you have to understand English very well in order to be able to really keep up here, in particular due to the big amount of text.” —> Read More

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Review | GodisaGeek

Dan Naylor: “The bottom line is that Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is two fantastic shooters, each worthy of your time, with a ton of DLC and polished up to look their best. If youve played both games and their DLC already theres not much here for you aside the faster frame rate, better visuals, and chance to play on your shiny new console. But if its your first time as a vault hunter, this is without doubt the best place to start.” —> Read More

SPECTRE: Here’s the Opening Sequence for Bond 24

Warning: Spoilers for the opening sequence of Spectre follow…

It’s a grey and windy day in Mexico City and production on the elaborate opening sequence for Spectre AKA Bond 24 is under way. The first teaser trailer for the film dropped earlier this evening, and as that was happening a group of journalists watched from a hotel terrace as the production team filmed a section of the intricate Day of the Dead action scene that opens the movie; one which long-time James Bond producer Michael G. Wilson calls “the biggest” they’ve done to date.

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