Free DLC Cars Will Be Added to Project CARS Each Month

Slightly Mad Studios has confirmed that players of its upcoming crowdfunded racing sim Project CARS will receive a series of free DLC vehicles in the months following the game’s release.

The first cab off the rank, so to speak, is one of the most exclusive and expensive cars ever made – the W Motors Lykan Hypersport.

“We are immensely pleased to have this awesome machine in the game and to give fans the chance to get behind the wheel of a truly amazing vehicle,” said creative director Andy Tudor on the Project CARS website. “The Lykan Hypersport represents the first of a series of free cars we’ll be giving away every month as a thank you to our fans for being so patient for the launch of the game. We’ll have more info on the full schedule of further content for Project CARS soon but we hope that this is a great sneak peek of just one way in which Project CARS is going to expand in the future.”

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Watch the Trailer for Kevin Smith Biopic Shooting Clerks

The crowdfunded biopic focused on the making of Kevin Smith’s Clerks has a trailer.

Announced last month, Shooting Clerks tells the story of Smith’s extraordinary journey to get his iconic low-budget film made back in 1994. The movie was crowdfunded on IndieGoGo by Kevin Smith fans Christopher Downie and Brett Murray, and is now set to premiere in September. Smith himself endorses the film, and will provide narration.

The trailer is a hell of a lot of fun, riffing on that very familiar Smith-esque style. Check it out below.

Lucy O’Brien is Entertainment Editor at IGN’s AU office. Follow her ramblings on Twitter.

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New graphene lightbulb available soon this year in retail

03-30-2015 2 Graphene Lightbulb 1

A new graphene lightbulb hopes to unseat traditional LED’s from their market dominance. LED bulbs slowly started replacing incandescent bulbs as countries began legislation to phase out the traditional filament bulbs in favor of LEDs. In some countries, the legislation is so strict, that cheaper incandescents are not only nowhere to be found, but illegal to import as well. Such … —> Read More

New Halo 5 Trailers Confirm October Release Date

Microsoft has unveiled two new trailers for its upcoming sci-fi shooter, Halo 5: Guardians. Posted on the official Xbox YouTube account, the trailers confirm the game’s release date of October 27 this year on Xbox One.

The Xbox twitter account also posted tweets accompanying each trailer, with the text stating that they are two sides of the same story. One features Master Chief (embedded above) and the other features newcomer Spartan Locke (embedded below), who refers to Master Chief as “the one who was supposed to save us all.”

Last week Microsoft launched a “Hunt the Truth” teaser website for Halo 5: Guardians offering vague new details about the upcoming game. The site poses the question, “Who is the real Master Chief?” with an audio recording that parodies the popular Serial podcast.

It has been confirmed that Agent Locke would be a playable character in Halo 5, and that Cortana will make an appearance in the game. Halo 5: Guardians is in development at 343 Industries exclusively for Xbox One. Producer Josh Holmes recently confirmed that the game will use dedicated servers for all multiplayer, including custom games.

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Ulefone Be Pure is available to buy internationally starting today for $129.99

ulefone be pure 2

About a week back, we introduced you to Ulefone Be Pure, a compact handset from the makers of the popular Ulefone Be Pro smartphone. The device boasted of stock Android UI which is loved by most Android fans.

Now, Ulefone Be Pure is available to purchase from leading retailers internationally from today i.e. 30-3-2015. What’s more the first 500 buyers will get a free 10400mAh Xiaomi Powerbank with the purchase.

The device sports a great design inspired from its elder brother, the Be Pro and features a fast MT6592 octa-core processor clocked at 1.4GHz. There’s 1GB of RAM onboard along with 8GB of internal storage.

ulefone be pure 4

Like we mentioned above, the Ulefone Be Pure is targeted at compact smartphone users, so it comes with a 720p 5-inch display. There will be a 13MP camera at the back, capable of capturing full HD 1080p videos and a 5MP shooter up front. The battery at the back will of 2000mAh capacity. As for software, the phone will run on Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box, but will soon be updated to stock Android 5.0 Lollipop.

The phone will be available in Blue and White colors for around $130 from leading online retailers from today. You can check out the list of retailers from the image given below.

ulefone be pure retailers list

So, what do you think about the phone and its price? Will you buy it?

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Apple CEO Tim Cook blasts “religious freedom” laws

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook has taken a public stance on anti-gay legislation being enacted in states across the US, challenging his business counterparts to speak out on discrimination. “These bills rationalize injustice by pretending to defend something many of us hold dear,” Cook wrote today in an opinion piece published by the Washington Post. “They go against the very principles … —> Read More

Could this be what Xiaomi meant by yesterday’s TZC Teaser?

xiaomi electronic scale 11

Yesterday morning, Xiaomi revealed a new teaser on Weibo, hinting at another possible product announcement that will be made at its fifth anniversary celebration event on March 31 i.e. tomorrow. The teaser was not very clear, but had the words TZC on top along with a image of a device which looked like an electronic scale. Today, we have some more information about this said device.

China’s Ubuntu team revealed earlier today that the words TZC was probably hinting at the new smart electronic weighing scale from the company. The images reveal that the device can be connected to phones running Android 4.4 or higher and iOS 7 or higher. The electronic scale can display weights between 5KG to 150KG and will be manufactured by China Information Technology Co. Ltd.

Looks wise, the scale will be white in color with smooth round edges. We don’t see any button on the top, but there will be the Mi logo at the center. However, another image reveals that the weight will be indicated using the LED lights on top of the device. We can clearly see that the scale is showing 51.8 Kg in the image.

xiaomi electronic scale 14Finally, we can see that the Xiaomi electronic scale uses four 1.5V AA sized batteries at the back.

xiaomi electronic scale 15

xiaomi electronic scale 13

Now, you must be wondering what does TZC mean. Well, in one image we can see that the model number of the device is XMTZC01HM, which is probably why we saw those letters on top of the teaser.

So, what do you think about this new smart scale from Xiaomi?

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The Walking Dead Opening Recreated Ahead of Season 5 Finale in LittleBigPlanet 3

AMCs The Walking Dead Opening has been recreated in LittleBigPlanet 3 for PlayStation 4 just ahead of Season 5s Finale with The Wolves.It joins over 1700 LittleBigPlanet Levels on the LittleBigPlanet Show YouTube Channel which is the One of the Largest Channels on YouTube for showcasing your LittleBigPlanet Community Levels featuring an Entire Remake of Final Fantasy VII, a Game of Thrones Opening recreation, a LBP Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer and over 1700 more. The Opening is actually the first sequence from Season 1 featuring gorgeous shots of Atlanta, Georgia and that trademark theme music. Furthermore there are also two playable levels that take place between Seasons 1 and 2 where Rick, Lori, Glenn, Daryl and the group head back to Atlanta once more to collect supplies. All three levels are created by LBP User BlackBeltNick95 who has loads more amazing films and levels on his LBP Profile. For more from the LittleBigPlanet Show make sure you Subscribe to him for three… —> Read More

Star Citizen Announces New Ship Sale

Roberts Space Industries is slashing the price of its newly latest starship fighter. Star Citizen’s newly unveiled craft is a dedicated deep space fighter called the A3G Vanguard and is on sale until April 6.

The Vanguard is being offered for the first time as a limited concept sale as it’is not yet ready to display in Hangars or to fight in Arena Commander. The sale price of US$250 comes with lifetime insurance and and a pair of decorative items for your Hangar. The price will jump to an announced price after the sale ends and will not offer lifetime insurance.

The sale price puts it in the lower mid-teir bracket of ships. Star Citizen craft range in price from $45 for the Aurora MR AC Starter package to more than $400 for the frigate Idris-P, capitol ship Javelin or the luxury touring 890 Jump.

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‘Halo 5: Guardians’ Releases October 27; Two Story Trailers Debut

We are still more than six months away from the release of Halo 5: Guardians, but that hasn’t kept 343 Studios and Xbox from greasing up the hype train. This last week, the developer kicked off the Hunt the Truth campaign with a podcast and updates from a fictitious war journalist and photographer, Benjamin Giraud, who has been documenting the Master Chief’s successes in battle.

However, thanks to the Hunt the Truth campaign, it seems everything we know about Master Chief may be a lie. Instead, as we’re learning from Giraud, there’s something very sinister about the Halo warrior and his history. That notion was made more clear tonight when two new trailers were released during the season finale of The Walking Dead.

The above trailer shows Lieutenant Commander Jameson Locke, a Spartan super soldier, sharing a few final thoughts before preparing to …

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Is your Thrustmaster T300 or T80 wheel no longer working with The Crew? Here’s how to fix it

VVV: “The other day I thought to myself “Hmm, it’s been a long time since I’ve fired up The Crew. Let’s take it for a spin.” And so I plugged my Thrustmaster T300 GTE into the PS4, started up the Crew and…nothing.

t first I was worried my T300 had bitten the dust, but it turns out the PS4’s V2.50 firmware update is to blame for rendering the Thrustmaster wheels incompatible with The Crew. The issue also affects the Thrustmaster T80 as well.

Fortunately, Thrustmaster has provided a temporary fix while they work with Ivory Tower and Sony on a patch update” —> Read More

PlayStation vs Nintendo 64 Was the Last Console War That Mattered

Vice: Have you seen the latest advertising for the PlayStation 4? “The world’s most powerful console,” it boasts (not for the first time), chest puffed out, pair of socks stuffed brazenly down its trousers. But while this claim may be technically true from a numbers perspective, it’s also a little misleading. The Xbox One is hardly a wheezing Citroën 2CV compared to Sony’s Hummer, is it? This isn’t David and Goliath, or George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. There isn’t, in all honesty, much disparity between the two. You might get to play Battlefield Hardline in 900p on PS4 as opposed to the Xbox’s 720, but is this a gulf in output worth losing sleep over? Not unless you’re extremely precious about things that don’t actually matter, or you’re twelve.

This generation’s “console war” is built on the untruth that there’s a fundamental difference between the Big Two. Bar a few exclusive titles, there isn’t. It was the same with the last generation. And the one before that. In fact, t… —> Read More

First Footage from Fear the Walking Dead

AMC gave fans a very brief glimpse at their upcoming companion series Fear the Walking Dead during tonight’s season five finale of The Walking Dead. The teaser video is only sixteen seconds long and shows next to nothing, but here you go:

The cast includes Cliff Curtis (Missing, Live Free or Die Hard), Kim Dickens (Gone Girl, Sons of Anarchy), Frank Dillane (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince), and Alycia Debnam Carey (Into the Storm).

Fear the Walking Dead’s first season will consist of six one-hour episodes and premiere on AMC late this summer. The show’s second season will air in 2016.

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