Every TV report on the economy summed up in one hilarious video

News Report Spoof

One of the problems people tend to have with traditional TV these days is that it can quickly become all too predictable. From sitcoms to dramas, and even news reports, a lot of the stuff that hits our screens follows the same tried and true formula.

Poking fun at this phenomenon is a rather hilarious and well-done video from the BBC’s Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe program. The clip below hilariously spoofs a typical news report on the economy that you might stumble across on any given news channel.

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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (New 3DS) Review – Nintendo Life

Nintendo Life: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is humorously disturbing, potentially offensive and unapologetically gross. This is a game about a boy named Isaac who’s scrambling through the depths of his basement to avoid his pursuing mother. But instead of delivering a spanking or a timeout like most mothers do, Isaac’s mom is intent to sacrifice her son following the voice of God commanding her to do so. If the subject matter sounds like something that will offend you, it might be best to turn your attention away now. This retooled version of the cult classic The Binding of Isaac has been transplanted onto the New Nintendo 3DS and it hasn’t been censored in the slightest. —> Read More

New to Hulu for September 2015

Coming to Hulu this September is Fargo’s first season (just in time for you to catch up before Season 2 begins Oct. 12th), the first three seasons of Elementary (for you to try and catch up by Nov. 5th?), and a brand new Season 4 of The Mindy Project, which Hulu rescued from cancellation and picked up for 26(!) new episodes.

IGN’s Fall TV Preview

Plus, as the month closes out, you’ll see a ton of Fall TV become available – from Gotham to How and Get Away with Murder to new shows like Heroes Reborn and Scream Queens.

Here’s the full list of what’s headed to Hulu in September:

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Is This Doctor Light on the Set of The Flash?

Two images from the set of The Flash have shown what is thought to be Doctor Light.

The shots come from Canadagraphs on Twitter, and although they only show the back of the character, CBM certainly believes it could be Doctor Light. If it is, it will of course be the Kimiyo Hoshi version of Doctor Light, rather than the regular Arthur Light.

#TheFlash shot a scene last night with a new costumed woman. Any clue who it is? Sorry, peeps best shots I got. pic.twitter.com/oFGXIRbARe

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Unauthorized Castlevania Animated Series Announced

An ultra-violent animated Castlevania mini-series is currently in development.

Producer Adi Shankar made the announcement this week on Facebook, detailing some of the people he was working with and what the aim of the series would be.

“I’m producing a super violent Castlevania mini-series with my homies Fred Seibert and Kevin Klonde,” he said. “It’s going to be dark, satirical, and after a decade of propaganda it will flip the vampire sub-genre on its head.”

Additionally, Shankar announced author Warren Ellis has written the script, and Collider reports he’s working with animation studio Frederator of Adventure Time and The FairlyOdd Parents on the visual aspect of the show. Klonde and Frederator have allegedly obtained the adaptation rights for the game series.

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Sony and Fox Set to Convert The Shield to 4K


Sony and Fox are set to convert The Shield to 4K, according to show creator Shawn Ryan.

In a series of Tweets on Friday, Ryan detailed how the decision came about. He said that although he was “dubious going in since the gritty, grainy look of the show is so essential to its impact…

tests really won me over.”

The Shield was filmed on 16mm rather than digitally, which makes it “the ideal candidate” for conversion. Shawn Ryan is currently working on Mad Dogs and The Get Down, but he will also “personally oversee and approve the work on each episode and make sure that the quality is what it needs to be.”

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Zac Efron’s New Movie Flops Big Time at Box Office

While Straight Outta Compton continues to perform incredibly well, the same can’t be said for Zac Efron’s We Are Your Friends, which debuted this weekend to a paltry $1.8 million.

This marks the worst opening of all time for a new major Hollywood film debuting in over 2,000 locations (not accounting for inflation).

“This was a passion project for Zac Efron, and we believe in him,” Warner Bros. executive VP for domestic distribution Jeff Goldstein told THR. “Yes, the result was disappointing, but this was a small film.”

Meanwhile, Universal’s Straight Outta Compton held strong at number one for its third consecutive week, earning $13.2 million. The faith-based drama War Room had a stellar debut, earning $11 million and coming in second place.

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