Local Services Marketplace Thumbtack Acqui-Hires HeartThis In Its First M&A Move


A year after Thumbtack raised $100 million to expand its marketplace for home services and other professional freelance jobs, the startup is making its first acquisition to beef up its engineering and product teams. It has acqui-hired talent from HeartThis, an app with 2 million users that lets consumers shop across multiples stores from a single portal. You might think that this is a… Read More —> Read More

Get the Complete Deus Ex Series for Less Than $7 on PC

Steam has a nice deal going on for the

This deal is available until Friday, September 4, at 10 AM PDT.

The original Deus Ex has proven to be one of the most influential games ever, and is still well worth checking out if you missed it. Alternatively, you can watch some of the original developers, including Warren Spector, play through a portion of it while sharing their thoughts.

The game you might be least familiar with of the bunch is The Fall. It was originally released as an iOS game in 2013 before later being ported to Android and eventually PC. While Invisible War was seen by many as somewhat of a disappointing follow-up to the original Deus Ex, The Fall is generally considered the lowpoint for the series.

You can check out GameSpot’s reviews of all four games through the links below.

The latest game in the Deus Ex series, Mankind Divided, is a direct sequel to Human Revolution. It’s due out on February 23, 2016 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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ESPN Hiring Gaming Reporter, Looking for VR/AR Engineer

ESPN continues its push into the world of gaming, recently posting new job ads for a gaming editor and an engineer to work in the field of virtual/augmented reality.

The Bristol, Conn.-based sports media behemoth is now hiring for an “esports editor.” According to a

A desirable candidate will have 5+ years in a media environment, including some leadership roles. This person should also have an “expert-level knowledge” of most major competitive gaming titles, including League of Legends, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Call of Duty, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and StarCraft II. For more on ESPN’s new gaming position, check out the full job ad.

Where ESPN’s gaming content will live is unclear. The site used to host a dedicated video game hub called “The Gamer.”

ESPN has been ramping up its competitive gaming coverage of late. Last month, ESPN sent reporters to the League of Legends North American Finals in New York City and aired a breakdown on its national SportsCenter broadcast. Earlier in the summer, ESPN broadcast some matches from Dota 2 tournament, The International. And before that, in April 2015, ESPN aired two hours of Heroes of the Storm on ESPN 2.

In September 2014, ESPN president John Skipper said the company’s main focus would remain on traditional sports because competitive gaming is “not a sport–it’s a competition.” He said at the time, “Mostly, I’m interested in doing real sports.”

In addition, another job ad reveals that ESPN is looking for a software engineer to work on “gaming virtual reality/augmented reality.” A desirable candidate would have prior experience with the popular Unity game engine, as well as the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

“This position will be part of the Multimedia Technology Track of ESPN’s Advanced Technology Group, contributing through —> Read More

New SPECTRE Poster Evokes Classic Bond


The brand new poster for the next James Bond movie, SPECTRE, was unveiled today and it’s a throwback to classic 007 films.

The one-sheet, seen below, sees Daniel Craig’s Bond sporting a white dinner jacket that 007 has worn in past films including Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever, The Man with the Golden Gun, Octopussy, and A View to a Kill.

Behind Bond you will see a creepy masked figure from the film’s Day of the Dead sequence that calls back to Live and Let Die.

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The return of Dishonored

KSD writes: Its less than an hour into Dishonored when the game begins to show its true complexity. Having already betrayed, imprisoned, tortured, and freed the player, the game squares away most of the plot and leaves you to the first of a string of assassinations that form the backbone of the game: Dispose of a tyrannical religious elder, and, encouraged by the plea of his niece, save the captain meeting with him. A little eavesdropping later, and you quickly uncover that your target, High Overseer Campbell, plans to poison Captain Curnow, the man you would protect. The stage is set for an almost classical betrayal, a piece of machiavellian theater of the highest order. —> Read More

Rise of the Tomb Raider: What is right for Lara Croft?

Popoptiq: The history of Lara Croft as a character is something that has been hashed upon time and time again. Whether from her movie incarnation played by Angelina Jolie or her Playstation One days as a female Indiana Jones-type. She is famous for her strength, excellent gameplay, and really highlights the feeling and adventure of uncovering lost artifacts. Over the years, her character has seen many changes from her appearance, to her world view, to just how violent she can be. In fact, her most recent incarnation has been under scrutiny as of late because of how quickly she has changed her tune. —> Read More

Metal Gear Solid 5 Servers Down for Maintenance as Issues Persist

Since launching earlier this week, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain‘s online servers have been encountering issues, and as of this writing, all servers are currently offline for maintenance.

This is according to Konami’s Japanese website, which is where the company is directing players for updates on the status of its servers. Despite being the Japanese website, a small section of it offers this information in English, with individual statuses for each of the game’s five platforms. All five are currently undergoing maintenance according to the page, though Konami states the information there might not always be up to date.

Server connection issues began being reported soon after the game’s launch on Tuesday, specifically affecting the Forward Operating Base multiplayer base mode. To deal with this, Konami attempted to disable some features–things like showing fewer missions and removing the display of certain information–as a temporary fix, but that doesn’t appear to have been enough.

Keep in mind, this FOB mode is not the game’s more standard multiplayer mode; Metal Gear Online is not set to launch until October. The FOB mode, however, has proven to be controversial due to its use of optional microtransactions and the way in which it impacts the single-player experience.

Konami recently outlined a schedule for daily login bonuses in FOB mode, but it’s unclear how or if that will be impacted by the server downtime.

We’ll have more information on the situation as it becomes available.

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Japanese singer GACKTs Game Center videos are back for another year

Last year, Japanese singer GACKT teamed up with Nestlé for a year long series of YouTube videos that saw him attempt to play (emphasis on ‘attempt’) video games at his home game center. The videos were so popular they garnered over one and a half million hits and thanks to the many requests for the series to continue, a second season started on September 1st 2015.

The first game GACKT will tackle in season two is, to his absolute horror, Megaman X. GACKT doesn’t have a happy history with the Megaman series. Last year he struggled through Megaman 2 for 6 months, and accidentally wiped out his progress before the final battle in Megaman 3. —> Read More

You only have 4 more days to save $5 on Amazon’s Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick

Amazon’s “Fire” brand can be a bit tricky. You should never, ever buy a smartphone with “Fire” in the name, and Fire-branded tablets aren’t what they used to be. Where streaming media is concerned though, “Fire” is definitely a safe bet. In fact, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is one of the best and most affordable media streamers out there, and you’re running out of time if you want to pick one up at a discount.

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Mobile App Letgo Raises $100 Million From Naspers To Take Over Classifieds In The U.S.


Can a mobile classified app topple the behemoth that is Craigslist? An company called letgo aims to find out. Its app, which lets users buy and sell items locally, has quietly grown to over 2 million downloads since its launch earlier this year. And today, the company is announcing having raised $100 million in Series A funding from South African media company and tech investor Naspers… Read More —> Read More

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