Bloodborne walkthrough and game guide

Following the release of the last Dark Souls game, Hidetaka Miyazaki is back with another grim adventure, this time one that’s set in a ruined city plagued with a sickness that’s turned the residents decidedly grumpy.

It’s not just the fantasy setting that’s different for the Souls successor either. While combat still demands a deliberate and strategic amount of foresight, things are a good deal zippier in this bleak fairytale, and the enemies often prefer to strike in groups rather than stalk you through the dark alleyways alone.

With these changes in mind, we’re in the process of creating a complete walkthrough for Bloodborne. We’ll have guides to surviving every stage of the game, from the shambling ravaged rat-packs of the streets, to the kind of sinister boss fights you’ve come to expect from the game’s creator. We’ll be updating this article regularly in the coming days, so check back often for regular updates.

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‘Resident Evil 5′ For PC Finally Gets Gold Edition DLC

Resident Evil 5 Sheva Fairy Tale

Five years ago, Capcom released Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, which featured the base game, additional campaigns, bonus costumes and additional game modes. Many PC gamers who had already purchased the PC port of the game excitedly awaited an announcement that the new additions would be released on the PC.

Unfortunately, Capcom went on the record shortly thereafter, saying that there “No plans for PC at this point.” All these years later, however, Capcom has apparently had a change of heart.

Wbacon, a Capcom spokesperson on Steam, announced that all of the console-only DLC is finally available for the PC port of Resident Evil 5 starting today. Apparently, Capcom decided to release the DLC this many years later to celebrate the completion of Resident Evil: Revelations …

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When an Iceberg the Size of a Country Breaks Free, What Happens?

You never forget the first time you see an iceberg. The horizon of a ship at sea is a two dimensional space and to see a three dimensional piece of ice appear in the ocean is quite something. But, in truth, the first iceberg you see is likely to be small. Most icebergs that make it far enough north from Antarctica to where they are danger to shipping are sometimes many years old and at the end of their lives. They are small fragments of what once left the continent.

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The Evil Within: The Assignment Review | RealGamerNewz

Augustus Bel of RGN writes: “The Assignment relies heavily upon stealth in that there is no other option for survival or progression. Either you ninja or you die. Kidman is equipped with only a flashlight, the odd glass bottle she collects to use as a distraction and the rare axe located in areas of elevated danger that can only be utilized for stealth kills and are destroyed after a single use. Her abilities are crouching and calling out to enemies to get them to move to more desirable locations.” —> Read More

Rumors: Xiaomi Water Purifier coming in April at 499 Yuan ($80)

xiaomi water purifier

Xiaomi is on a roll this year, with plenty of announcements already made in the first quarter of 2015 alone. Last year, the company had entered a brand new industry by announcing its new Air Purifier. Today, we have some new reports which claim that the company may expand into a new purifying business, this time by launching a Xiaomi Water Purifier.

Even before the release of the Xiaomi Air Purifier, the company had an account on Weibo with the name “Xiaomi Purifiers”. However, later the account disappeared. Now, a Chinese media website reports that the account may soon be enabled.

The same source also reports that the company will release the new Xiaomi Water Purifier as soon as this April for a price tag of 499 Yuan. It is also said that it will be a RO based purifier.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any other details of the device. But since Xiaomi revealed recently that it is interested in smart home products, it may have some unique features such as Wi-Fi, water quality indicator etc.

Xiaomi is yet to reveal any plans for such a product, so its best to wait for an official word from the company.

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OnePlus AMAA tidbits: OnePlus Two, OxygenOS, and drones


Despite some setbacks, controversies, and complaints about availability, the OnePlus One has become a high profile device which admittedly deserves its renown. The “flagship killer” from a little known startup gave credence to that moniker, delivering (somewhat) high-end hardware with an affordable price tag, something only Xiaomi was famous for. Of course, a one hit wonder won’t be able to … —> Read More

Secret Is Working On New Apps, Won’t Shut Down Original Product


Secret Inc. — makers of the”anonymish” app Secret, which lets users post notes to friends, friends-of-friends, or those in their vicinity without revealing their identities — crashed through the highs and lows of startup life in the last year, generating a lot of interest and notoriety for its gossipy, eponymous app, and then almost as quickly disappearing off the… Read More —> Read More

Destiny item comparison sacrificed for expanded vaults on last-gen

Bungie has detailed its upcoming expansion of Destiny’s item vaults, and revealed it has found itself reaching the hardware limits of last-gen consoles.

Destiny is due to receive an expanded number of slots for item storage with its 1.1.2 update, expected in a couple of weeks.

The game’s current vault space allows you to store 20 armour pieces, 20 weapons and 20 general items.

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Destiny: Xur Location and Exotic Items for March 27-29

It would only be fitting that, after Bungie announced plans to increase Vault Space in Destiny, Xur would show up with some useful exotic items to tickle players’ fancy. Unfortunately, as we’ve learned time and time again, Xur loves nothing more than messing with the Destiny fan base.

Even more than that, Destiny players have learned that attempts to predict Xur’s inventory will not only draw the ire of Bungie but will also force Xur to change his selection at the last minute. Lucky for us, last week’s last minute switch delivered the Hard Light auto rifle, which had yet to be sold by the Agent of Nine.

So where is Xur? This week he can be found right next to the Crucible Quartermasters, dead ahead as soon as players spawn into the tower. Head down the …

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Lousy mobile providers threatened with prison time in Africa

03-27-15 3 Prison

Nigeria is following the lead of Tanzania and Zambia by enforcing jail time on substandard mobile operators. From now on, if a mobile company in Africa regularly delivers inferior service to its customers, the network operators could be sent to prison. These charges are handed down by Nigeria’s Consumer Protection Council (CPC) which operates as a sort of government sponsored … —> Read More

Built By A Parkinson’s Sufferer, MyHealthPal Tracks Symptoms, Creates Research Data

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 10.00.30

The development and availability of wearables is running hand in hand with the exploding interest in the digital health space. Managing our health via apps and devices is slowly becoming the norm. And patients that need to monitor their condition day-to-day have even more to benefit from this powerful combination. Startups are of course entering this space in droves. The latest is a startup… Read More —> Read More

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