Spotify Rolls Out A Revamped, “Plain Language” Privacy Policy Following Controversial Update


Spotify has now made good on its promise to rewrite the controversial update to its privacy policy, which incurred a bit of backlash thanks to its vague language and requests to collect all sorts of personal data, including things like contacts, photos, and media files stored on users’ devices as well as location data and Facebook “likes” and posts. Not surprisingly,… Read More —> Read More

How it works: Inside the BB-8 Star Wars drone that’s blowing everyone’s mind

Star Wars BB-8 Drone Robot

The new Star Wars movie isn’t even out yet, and we already have a character that we totally love: the spinning BB-8 drone that’s even cuter than R2-D2. Yes, I said it. Unsurprisingly, the tiny robot that went viral after appearing in the first official trailer has inspired a series of smart, remote-controlled toys that everyone’s talking about.

But how does it really work?

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Zombi Review (Invision Community)

Youre still breathing, for now, but how long will you survive the labyrinth of Londons streets and underground canals, abandoned by the outside world and surrounded by infected? The horrifying remains of humanity, ravaged by the terrifying disease, are shuffling through the streets, waiting at every turn to prey on your living flesh. —> Read More

BlackBerry gets Good in $425m cross-platform play


Today BlackBerry acquired another company by the name of Good Technology. This company will bring “secure applications” as well as “containerization that protects end user privacy” – adding to BlackBerry’s already business-oriented set of technologies for smartphones. This update to BlackBerry’s collection of technologies will help offer cross-platform EMM solutions for consumers around the world. This isn’t just about BlackBerry … —> Read More

Email scammer tries to swindle British comedian, gets hilariously trolled

Email Scammer Trolled By Comedian

Because you’ve used the Internet at least once in your life, you’ve probably gotten emails from someone claiming to be the deposed Prince of Nigeria who says he will send you his entire fortune as long as you send him your bank account information. British comedian James Veitch has received several such emails over his career but unlike the rest of us, he hasn’t just tossed them into the trash. Instead, he’s responded to them at length and has trolled his would-be scammers in the most hilarious way.

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This Week On The TechCrunch Bitcoin Podcast: You Spilled Maple Syrup On My Cryptocurrency


Hello friends, and welcome back to TCBTC, TechCrunch’s premier and Most Excellent bitcoin podcast.
This week we are back on audio, our own John Biggs has returned to us, and we even called in a friend to help. We spent a chunk of time discussing how bitcoin is disrupting the fruit market, why you can’t mind bitcoin on your iPhone, and, of course, what the heck is going on in… Read More —> Read More

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