‘The Legend of Zelda’ Wii U Delayed Until 2016

The Legend of Zelda Wii U Gameplay Footage

There’s no questioning the string of quality titles that have arrived on the Wii U as of late. With Super Smash Bros. still managing to keep fans at bay, as well as the brand new Splatoon on the horizon, consumers have had enough on the table to keep them dusting off their console. Still, there’s a strong demand for a new entry in one franchise in particular, and that series is none other than The Legend of Zelda.

Gamers were reassured that the hotly anticipated installment would be arriving by the end of 2015 during The Game Awards, however, Nintendo has now announced that The Legend of Zelda for Wii U will not be arriving this year.

The producer of The Legend of Zelda franchise, Eiji Aonuma, clarified the news in the form of …

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Big Money Helps Cyanogen Go for Android’s Jugular

Cyanogen this week announced the completion of a follow-up round of Series C financing that brought $80 million in new funds to pay for more hiring and accelerated development of its open platform software development kit. Cyanogen is committed to liberating the Android OS from the financial grip of Google. Its CyanogenMod firmware adds considerable personalization features and improvements to the Android platform. Cyanogen has spurred a developing secondary app market for an alternative Android distribution based on its mods. —> Read More

Why Marvel’s New Avengers Team Was a Welcome Suprise

This week Marvel Comics revealed the lineup to their “All-New, All-Different Avengers” that will form after the events of this summer’s Secret Wars, and it certainly looks like they meant every word of that overly long title.

The team consists of classic members Iron Man and Vision, but also the African-American Sam Wilson continuing his role as Captain America and the female Thor who has the respect and blessing of the old Thor. Rounding out the team are three teenagers heroes — the plucky Sam Alexander as Nova, the Muslim Kamala Khan as the Spider-Man analogue for a new generation in Ms. Marvel, and an actual Spider-Man for a new generation, the half-black/half-hispanic Miles Morales.

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Earthbound: For the First Time

Brasel The Gamer of Gaming Rebellion writes: “I finally played through Earthbound, and I was honestly surprised. Sure, Ive heard countless wonderful things about the game, but I had no idea it would live up to just about every one of those expectations. Earthbound was fantastic, and despite having a Dragon Warrior like battle interface, I loved it. I didnt play Earthbound as a kid, but I was fully aware of the game when it was released. Nintendo Power promoted it heavily and I just wasnt interested. Do you want to know why? Because the marketing campaign relied on gross out humor. Im not a fan of gross out humor. This Game Stinks and all the other food or bad smell related ads completely turned me off to playing this game, despite the fact that by this time, I was an RPG fan.” —> Read More

3 ways Google Fiber is helping Kansas City besides offering 1Gbps Internet service

Google Fiber Kansas City Benefits

Kansas City was very lucky to be the first city to get Google Fiber and we’re not talking just about the 1Gbps Internet service. NextCity has taken a look at some of the side benefits that Kansas City is reaping thanks to being the first Google Fiber city in America and they show just how great it can be to be the first major city in the U.S. to get a high-speed fiber network.

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Google Blasts Media Implications That It Runs That Town


Google, a search company, fired back today at a string of reports published in the Wall Street Journal over the past few weeks that have brought the company and its business practices under scrutiny.
The collection of pieces implied that Google has decision-tilting influence in the federal government, and that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) all but went against its own internal views of… Read More —> Read More

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